Life as a Quilt

A Special Thank You

by Jessica

August 1, 2020

Bernina 830

It wouldn't feel right to get too far without telling a very important story and saying thank you to a very generous and special friend.

In the late winter of 2018, Tim and I were tying together final wedding plans for the big day, rapidly approaching in April.

We had begun putting together our online registry and decided we wanted to start a sewing machine fund as a gift option. My old Kenmore, which my Mom had given me when I moved out after High School, had called it quits. While I loved Bernina machines, they were simply out of my price range. That would have to wait for another time. So we picked out a nice Viking Husqvarna at a local big box store after "test driving" a few models. After the wedding, we would bring it home.

Excellent. Exciting.

Fast forward to the wedding day. The best day ever. A day filled with friends and family and then to my surprise, a sewing machine! Does it get any better than that?

I guess if there were dogs maybe. Oh, wait! My Uncle did bring his Dachshund, Gus! Check, check, and check!

Get Down Dancing

Not sure I could bend any further than this while dancing in my gown!

While I was dancing across the floor, a good friend of ours, Deb, came dancing up beside me. Although I couldn't hear her very well over the happy commotion, I made out, "I have a Bernina for you!"


At that moment, as you can imagine, it was hard to grasp what she was telling me. On one's wedding day, you are pulled this way and that, desperately trying to soak in the moment but simultaneously caught in a surreal, rapidly flowing current of joy.

Deb had also told my Mom, whose head was on a bit straighter than mine at that time. She could fully grasp the significance of this gift. And she was practically beside herself with excitement, as that is the brand she uses and taught me to sew on.

The wedding day passed with alarming speed, as did our road trip honeymoon to the mountains of Ashville filled with breweries and culinary delights. Upon returning I felt for a moment the let-down of all of the buildup having passed…

Until I remembered- Bernina!

And not just any Bernina; a Bernina 830 complete with the embroidery module, hoops, a collection of feet, and companion hydraulic sewing table and drawer system!

Bernina 830 pic

Isn't she lovely?

Bernina Embroidery Module

Embroidery Module

Bernina tools

Hoops and Instructions


I didn't fully understand the size of the sewing table, even as they told us we would most certainly need to rent a truck to pick this up and bring it home. Which we eagerly did!

Bernina on table

Perfect fit!

bernina on table from behind

Is this real life?

It had all been her Mother's and was currently residing in the guest room. She was anxious to reclaim the spare room and give Bernina a new home. I couldn't understand why she was giving this all to us and not using it herself, as she is also a quilter!

Deb explained to me that Bernina wasn't her brand of choice and she already had plenty of other sewing equipment. This had been held onto after her Mother's passing and when she saw we had a machine on our registry, she said she knew this was meant for us.

I remember the disbelief I felt as she showed me everything she wanted us to have. It was one of those moments where you feel gratitude and shock at the same time, from the bottom of your soul. And you can't possibly find the words to express it.

Like a deer in headlights, but in a good way.

You know how I said in my about post: "I guess everyone thinks it will never "happen to them" "? Well it sometimes does and goes both ways. For struggles and blessings. (By the way, sometimes struggles are really just blessings in disguise).

We were both in tears. She was overjoyed that the machine her Mother had loved would be used again and given a good home. She could reclaim the space in her spare room, and give us something to start off our new married life with.

I was saturated in the meant-to-be-ness of that moment. Wondering if her Mother was watching and approved of her machine's new Mommy. (Thank you- I promise I will treat her right!)

Cue goosebumps. I'm getting them all over again writing this.

To say I was excited to bring this home would be a total understatement. I didn't even make it past the living room without having to unbox everything, haha.

me excited with Bernina

I was so excited to bring home this machine!

Jessica with Bernina

Yup, that's a happy girl!

So I'm on a mission to do Deb and her Mother proud with this machine! While I haven't acquainted myself very well with the embroidery module yet, I will get to it in time. Quilting was calling me the moment I brought it home and got it set up.

Blessings show up in our lives at the most unexpected times. Thank you, Deb. You don't know (or maybe you have started to realize) how special this gift is to me. You are truly one of a kind and one of the most generous souls I've ever met.

Let's get through COVID so we can go have a beer!

P.S.- She also threw in a Serger as we were about to leave! Oh my goodness gracious! 

Elna seger

Brand new in box!

Elna Serger from top


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