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Creature Comforts Zombie Quilt (Fractions pattern by GE Designs)

by Jessica

October 23, 2020

fractions quilt folded on chair

Since we are deep into October and rapidly approaching Halloween, I thought I would share the “Creature Comforts” quilt I made for my dad last year. Although this was given to him as a Christmas gift, he brought it out earlier this fall to welcome in the season.

I chose the fabrics for this based on textures and colors I would imagine in the zombie apocalypse. Spattered blood, mixed with dirt and of course a good dose of the zombie horde rambling ahead as you try frantically to find cover. Hopefully, they are the slow, dim-witted zombies of the Walking Dead and not the fast rage zombies from 28 Days Later.

close up of fractions quilt

I managed to find a couple of really awesome zombie fabrics on sale at a local big-box store. Though I normally don’t buy too many fabrics from those stores, sometimes for novelty fabrics it’s the way to go for selection alone. These two had a good feel and seemed to be of good quality so I ran with it.

If you read my Trick or Treat wall hanging post, you know that "Night of the Living Dead" was my first zombie movie and further reinforced my love of the genre. This was also a special bonding point for my dad and me.

Trick or Treat Wall Hanging on door

Go grab your free copy of the "Trick or Treat" wall hanging pattern!

When I set out to make this quilt, he had just retired. I imagined him wrapped up in this quilt while reading a good horror novel early in the morning in the front room of his house where the sunrise is glorious. He sent me a picture of the quilt on a chair in that very room a couple of weeks ago. Made my day. I love to see quilts I’ve gifted in their natural (or unnatural in this case) habitats.

fractions quilt folded on chair

He has started referring to this quilt as “Bub”. If you aren’t familiar, Bub is a zombie who is used in domestication training experiments in Day of the Dead, the third movie in the George A. Romero series. You can read more about Bub here.

Bub the zombie

Good 'ole Bub doin' the best a Bub can.

The pattern I used for this is called “Fractions”. It is from the book “Stripology Squared” by GE Designs. You can find it for sale on the GE Designs site

Stripology rulers are used for this pattern which as you know by now, I adore and don’t quilt without! No worries though; if you don’t have one of those rulers she gives instructions for regular rulers as well. This book has patterns using 10" squares (layer cakes) that look complicated but are easy (and satisfying) to put together.

Gudrun of GE Designs made this fantastic video demonstrating construction of the block for “Fractions”. This video is the reason I purchased the book because it looked so fun. And it’s very fabric efficient with barely any waste!

I ordered a tag from an Etsy shop to affix to the back with the name of the quilt and the year. (I’ve gotten a lot better at my tag securing technique since this picture). Generally, I fold under all edges about ¼", iron well and back with fusible web such as Heat n’ Bond Lite. I iron the tag in place and then either machine or hand stitch the tag in place.

tag for fractions quilt

I highly recommend this pattern, especially for someone who likes things a little more modern. It's a great choice for the men in your life too because of the geometric look. The pieces also don’t get cut down too small so novelty prints translate well in this particular project. I added the border which isn't called for in the pattern itself.

"Creature Comforts" quilt
back of fractions quilt

I did straight line quilting on this quilt with the dual feed system on my Bernina.


Painter's tape is very handy for laying out straight line designs on your quilt top! You can reposition it as needed and use it multiple times before it looses its stick!

I gifted the quilt to my dad when he and my step-mom visited us here in Jacksonville last December. He loved it which is all I could ever want when I give someone a quilt!

family picture during visit

Group selfie when my Dad and step-mom visited last December. We had so much fun going to different breweries and catching up!

So snuggle up with Bub, put on your favorite horror movie, and have a Happy Halloween!

fractions zombie quilt
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