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“Fall, Leaves, Fall” Completed! With Extras!

by Jessica

September 21, 2020

fall, leaves, fall quilt outside

I'm excited to say that I finished the “Fall, Leaves, Fall” quilt (and have already been putting it to good use)! With extras!

You can check out my initial post for project, where I introduced the fabrics and my inspiration for this quilt.

This pattern was accurate and easy to put together. So pretty much what I would expect from a Cozy Quilt Designs pattern! The borders are generous which at first I thought may have been overkill but ended up being perfect. It makes the whole quilt feel luxurious and frames off the leaves just right.

"Fall, Leaves, Fall" by Cozy Quilt Designs

fall, leaves, fall pattern cover
fall, leaves, fall pattern back

Name of Pattern: Fall, Leaves, Fall

Designer: Daniela Stout for Cozy Quilt Designs

Size Options: 5- Wall, Throw, Twin, Queen, King 

Difficulty Level: Confident Beginner

Special Tools Needed:  None, Clearly Perfect Angles cling is helpful

Piecing Method: Traditional

Pressing Instructions: Yes

PDF or Hard Copy Pattern: Both available

My Overall Review

Pros: Easy to follow with helpful diagrams. 

Cons: A lot of wasted fabric if you don't make the extra HST's.

I highly recommend this pattern.

It can be purchased here.

I decided to do free motion quilting on this piece and just do a little curly-q pattern. In the borders, I did a meandering stipple, which is my favorite to do. If you are new to FMQ I recommend stipple. It’s forgiving and I find it relaxing! 

back of fall, leaves, fall quilt

Moss green backing, flange binding and a cute little tag!

I did a “Susie’s Magic Binding” flange binding. Surprise, surprise, huh? It's just my most favorite binding method. The detail it adds is wonderful and it has a way of pulling everything together with a polished, professional finish.

Extra, Extra!

I did find one step in this pattern a bit wasteful (fabric-wise) unless you make a modification. As I discussed in the “Clearly Perfect Angles” post, when making half-square triangles (HST), you can do one additional line of stitching to yield a bonus HST. I did this for pretty much every step in the pattern so I ended up with quite a lot of HST’S! Paired with some extra yardage from the borders, I set to work making some fun “extra’s” with my leftovers!

half-square triangles leftover

So many HST's!

I ended up making two pillow-case covers and two table runners! Not a bad haul for scraps, huh?

two pillows and two table runners made with leftover fabric

I love extras!

The pillow-case covers are quilted and have invisible zippers along the bottom. This way I can switch the covers out for the seasons. These are approximately 12" by 20" in size. I bought a 4-pack of these pillow forms on Amazon which is great and cost-efficient. I needed a little extra fabric to frame off the leaf blocks themselves, so I ended up joining some scraps together to make those “striped” portions.

Use what you got!

quilted leaf pillow cover

It's so lovely to have coordinating pillows!

I found a method for making these pillow-case covers that I love! It makes installing the invisible zippers a breeze! Check out this tutorial over at Hey There, Home for the method I use! 

If there's interest, I would be happy to do a post detailing how I make a quilted pillow cover from start to finish. Please drop a note in the comments below if that's something you'd be interested in!

The two runners are composed of HST’s, and some extra pieces for borders. There is no pattern for these. I just made them up all willy-nilly as I went along if I’m being honest. Just have fun with layouts using your HST’s and put them together into a runner that makes you smile! Make sure you don’t make it longer than you have border fabric to accommodate, if you are using borders, or you'll end up frustrated. Ask me how I know! Haha.

two fall table runners

I love this fabric so much!

I was surprised I was able to make two whole runners! Woohoo! One of these lovelies may be gifted because I do tend to make a lot of runners and I suppose I only need so many. I suppose. 

This star block is very similar to a traditional quilt block called the Sawtooth block. The way I made it is not the “correct” way, which is to make it with flying geese units. That would allow for better matching of the points. BUT I happened to have HST’s and I still liked the look of this so I just thought, there are no quilt police!

I do what I want!

sawtooth quilt runner

Close-enough to a Sawtooth block for scraps!

I stippled over the whole thing because that's what it seemed this runner was telling me to do. Not because I have a stippling problem. Really. I can stop anytime I want to...

For the binding, I was running short on continuous pieces of fabric, so I ended up making it out of scraps of alternating light and dark fabric. I am smitten with the look it gave the whole thing.

The second runner is a zig-zag pattern which I love the look of as well. I did some dense quilting on the zig-zag itself, some swirls in the light areas, and then strings of starburst in the border. I had a lot of fun making this one!

zig-zag table runner close-up

I love the textures of this one!

Overall I’m really satisfied with all I was able to create with my leftovers. What probably would’ve ended up in the scrap-bin-of-good-intentions was put to immediate use and transformed into lovely fall décor!

I hope this has inspired you to make good use of your scraps and maybe to give the “Fall, Leaves, Fall” pattern a shot! Please share this post and drop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you! Happy Fall!

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