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Fall Quilt Project: “Fall, Leaves, Fall” by Cozy Quilt Designs

by Jessica

August 11, 2020

Fall, Leaves, Fall pattern by cozy quilt designs

"Fall, Leaves, Fall" by Cozy Quilt Designs is a project I'm just getting started on. I've had this pattern for a bit and have been anxious to get started on it, especially with fall quickly approaching.

The fall in Florida is not like up North. Not at all. So I'm making a quilt to be my little piece of what I miss about the season in Western New York: the crisp air, blue skies, wispy clouds, apple cider, apple picking, fresh donuts, and of course, the beautiful leaves.

finger lakes fall leaves

The leaves changing in the Finger Lakes in New York.

Fall was always my favorite season by far when I lived in Rochester and then later in Buffalo, NY. There’s nothing like it.

Playing in the leaves

My friend Karen and I playing in the leaves. Yes we are "adults". Don't judge us!!

I am practically salivating thinking about biting into a fresh Macoun or Jonagold apple plucked fresh from the apple tree. There was a place called Mayor Brothers Cider Mill in Buffalo that would do apple cider slushies for a very short time every year and I certainly wouldn’t say no to one of those!

I went to visit NY in the fall a couple of years ago, and I decided to fill my carryon with apples. I didn’t realize I would be searched going through security for such a thing. They didn’t confiscate the fruit but did bruise it up quite a bit in the process.

I must remind myself that while I’m missing out on the glorious NY fall, I also don’t have to shovel or worry about impending blizzards here in Florida. Shoveling snow ranks as one of my top least favorite activities ever. I can always go up North to visit during fall to get my taste of the season, and then escape before the white stuff starts coming down!

Hubby and I windmills

The Hubby and I enjoying a beautiful fall day, exploring the hills of the Finger Lakes!

This is all making me miss the Finger Lakes big time! My dad and step-mom have a house on the high-ground near the south end of Canandaigua lake (one of the finger lakes) and it is just breathtaking there. 

View from the house in Naples

View from their yard of the valley at the end of Canandaigua Lake!

The entire region is my "happy place". When I was a child, summers were spent fishing, camping, boating and tooling around the hills surrounding the lakes.

As an adult, one of the best things to do is visit the vast array of wineries and breweries, intimately tucked away at the end of dirt roads on high-ground surrouding the lakes. If you haven't tried a NY state dry Riesling, you're missing out! Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery makes one of the best around!

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

View from Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery on Keuka Lake.

So this is why I thought I really need to start a fall quilt project! 

I picked the "Fall, Leaves, Fall" pattern based on a gorgeous bundle of fat quarters that my husband gave me for our second wedding anniversary. The second-year is the “cotton” anniversary so this was perfect! This bundle is a digitally printed bundle from a line called Seasons designed by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics.

I’d had my eye on this for a while and was quite surprised to receive it as a gift! My husband said with a wink, “See? I do pay attention sometimes.”

Seasons In the Beginning fabric fat quarters

Seasons In the Beginning fabric fat quarters

I knew I wanted to do something with leaves since the actual fabrics in the bundle were from the fall portion of the line. After some online browsing, I came across “Fall, Leaves, Fall” by Cozy Quilt Designs.

In the past, I’ve had good experiences with Cozy Quilt Designs patterns. Their patterns tend to be thorough and clear. They have helpful illustrations and usually provide multiple size options. 

One thing I sometimes find missing from their patterns is step-by-step pressing instructions. I prefer a pattern show in each step which way to press each seam. I like to nest my seams and avoid extra bulk where possible, so sometimes that part is a bit tricky as you need to be aware of it on your own.

Overall, I trust their patterns to have reliable and user-friendly directions.

I want to take a moment to let you know what these “Work in Progress” posts are all about.

The goal is to share what I'm working on, and at the end, my impressions of that pattern and/or methods used along the way.

I'll use these projects as opportunities to explore options regarding techniques, notions, and/or materials. For example, maybe a pattern indicates doing a step one way, but I found an alternative easier. Or maybe there is a notion that is especially helpful.

In that case, I’ll make a post under the appropriate category focusing on that technique/notion (etc.) so it can be easily found in the future.

What they are not meant to be are tutorials of how to make that pattern. I also cannot give any specific instructions/measurements on the steps within the pattern as they are copyright protected and you would need to purchase the pattern for that information.

I will do tutorial posts and/or classes in the future on original Journiblocks patterns!

For this pattern, I can provide the overall yardage requirement information, since that is available online and on the back of the pattern in quilt shops.

Fall, Leaves, Fall by Cozy Quilt Designs

Pattern Cover

Fall, Leaves, Fall yardage information

Yardage requirements

The throw size calls for 8 fat quarters and then some yardage for the background. The local quilt shops weren’t open to the public when I was shopping for this due to COVID-19, so I did a live video call with a staff member who helped me decide on the background fabric.

It's light enough to let the leaves “pop” and textured in appearance to add depth to the quilt. I am generally not a fan of solid background fabrics and prefer those that have tone-on-tone and textured looks. This one is called “Faded and Stitched” designed by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics.

“Faded and Stitched” designed by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics.

“Faded and Stitched” designed by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics.

I plan to arrange my blocks by color to mimic that change of the season/ombre look. There isn’t quite as much variation between my fat quarters as what was shown on the cover of the pattern, but it still should create a nice effect.

The cutting instructions were excellent, though I chose to use the Stripology XL ruler to cut my yardage. I will tell you, now that I’ve started using Stripology rulers I will never go back. They make things easier, quicker, and more accurate. You can check out tutorials on these rulers on the GE Designs website. They are Creative Grids rulers, designed by Gudrun Erla. She is one of my “quilting-heroes”. I will talk more about these wonderful rulers in a future post.

Fall, Leaves, Fall fabric

Fabric prepped!

So far that’s where I’m at!

Let me know what you think or maybe you have tried this pattern yourself!

Stay tuned for updates on this project!

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